Make fundraising fun & engaging.

Easily Setup & Launch Campaign

Make it simple. Create an automated campaign that runs on its own.

Invite & Engage Followers

Make it fun. Offer followers points, badges and rewards as they learn more about your cause.

Leverage Your Followers' Voices

Make it smooth. Encourage followers to share pre-packaged things about you to their networks.

Review Your Data & Draw Insights

Make it smart. Review insights on which user profiles were most engaged to tailor your next campaign.


Expertise on scraping and analyzing data from hundreds of platforms


Experience with many large successful campaigns and clients


Strong team and support available throughout the engagement

Meet Our Team

We’ve put together a team of some of the best technologists, digital marketing experts and policy consultants.

Yash Paliwal
CEO Founder

Richa Parikh
COO/CPO Founder

Jamal Baksh
Policy & Strategy


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