Advising Fintech Consultant (Part Time)



Industry Expert, Product Discovery/Research

PublicSquare has been funded to develop a fintech incubator. We're bringing together industry experts, developers, marketers, funders and more to spin-off fintech ventures to democratize consumer finance solutions.

This is a 6 -12 week, part-time engagement with PublicSquare, where you'll play a role in our research and discovery process as we explore various segments in the fintech industry.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Has experience with product managing or developing B2C (or B2B) software
  • Is comfortable leading or supporting product research and discovery in a team of researchers, subject matter experts, designers and developers
  • Can demonstrate industry and customer understanding in B2B or B2C fintech
  • Bonus: Has experience with building or working with teams building fintech products and services

The selected candidate will:

  • Be a key part of the research and discovery process as we explore opportunities within the different segments of the fintech space
  • Support in iterating our validation framework for the opportunities we're exploring
  • Help define clear and efficient, validating experiments for the opportunities we're exploring
  • Help explore a rough product roadmap for product opportunities that mature

Future Directions:

  • After the 6 - 12 week engagement, if it's of mutual interest, the existing capacity may be continued, increased or eliminated
  • For consultants that are able to help incubate opportunities that mature beyond some success thresholds, they may be invited to lead the spin-off venture (with related compensation and venture upside)


$2000 - $3000 / month (~7-10 hours / week)


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