Data Scientist (NLP focused)



Data Science

PublicSquare has partnered with MASS LBP to develop a public consultation automation platform. The public engagement process isutilized by all levels of government in Canada and our co-founding partner has conducted over 300 public consultation projects across the country (for various levels of government). We intend to use past engagements' data to develop a predictive and visualization platform.

We are looking for an experienced Data Scientist to help us understand & develop experiments that explore the potential for modern data science tools (like ML, NLP) to create analysis & prediction features for the data that we'll be collecting in our public engagements (with clients & partners).

What you'll work on:

  • Helping our team (developers, designers, public engagement professionals) develop an understanding of how modern data science tools can be used for our application and industry
  • Defining potential value adding features built on data science tools (and helping us assess their economic viability)
  • Defining and implementing MVP level experiments to test value-adding features
  • Working with the dev team to implement validated experiments into the production application and data pipelines

Whom we're looking for:

  • It's simple, can you do all or most of the above list?
  • Do you value kind but brutally honest discussions towards solving complex problems?
  • Are you frustrated by the state of government today? And excited by the prospect of fixing this problem?




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