Growth Marketing Lead



Marketing, Growth

PublicSquare is looking for a talented Growth Marketing Lead to help us run outreach experiments and campaigns for the products we’re incubating (a consumer finances application and a digital lobbying platform), along with supporting organizational branding and marketing efforts.

Our organization is at a crossroads, capturing multiple lucrative opportunities and product funders within the last 6 months, and now we’re hellbent on organizing the most effective team to deliver on our mission to democratize solutions for government engagement and consumer finance. The Growth Marketing Lead will play a pivotal role in bringing our products to target markets, and helping position our organization for success in front of all our stakeholders.

The ideal candidate:

  • Has experience designing and implementing successful campaigns for B2B and B2C products
  • Can understand a campaign’s growth goals, budget, timeline and produce a tangible marketing campaign plan
  • Is familiar with the “Bullseye” marketing methodology from Traction, or any similar and effective marketing framework
  • Can zoom out to the 30,000 foot level of a campaign/project, but also understand how to use the tools and tactics on the ground
  • Can help us grow and manage our team of marketing consultants

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$75 - 100k and equity


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