Venture Launcher / Future CXO (for a AI for summary & synthesis platform)



Early Stage Startup | Agile | Product

PublicSquare, a venture studio based in Toronto, is seeking a Launcher to join our team with the potential to become a Future CXO. We have been incubating an AI-powered knowledge synthesis and summarization platform in partnership with MASS LBP, with a focus on government use cases around distilling large amouts of unstructured, citizen feedback. Our team, which includes data scientists and developers, has already created a minimum viable product and is currently beta testing through the MASS' client base. At this time we're looking to bring on key, founding members of the team that will help us bring this platform from initial MVP to product-market fit to venture scale (potentially as a CXO, where the X is TBD).

As a Launcher, you will be responsible for both strategizing and executing on various tasks necessary for the success of our early stage startup. This may include building the right product and engineering team, reaching out to our user base, and more. We are looking for an experienced "executive-operator" who can analyze problems and industry trends, craft a high-level plan, and then execute on that plan. If you are ready to help lead this venture to success, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

What you'll do:

  • Help develop and improve our MVP through various iterations to achieve product-market fit
  • Offer expertise and leadership in one or more core areas such as product, engineering, design, go-to-market, etc.
  • Assist in shaping our strategic plan as we explore potential product roadmaps, target customer segments, sales and marketing channels, and more.

The ideal candidate:

  • Has "zero-to-one" product development experience, ideally with AI or process improvement products (optional) -> This experience may include product management, design, engineering, or any other core product development function
  • Demonstrates a strong understanding of the AI landscape, particularly developments in platforms like GPT-3+ and large language models (LLMs)
  • Is familiar with natural language processing (NLP) and basic concepts in computational linguistics

Compensation: The projected compensation for this role will be in the range of $65,000 to $100,000 CAD for the first year, with sizable equity in the venture, vesting over a 4 year timeframe.


$65k – $100k • 5.0% – 20.0%+


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