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PublicSquare partners with organizations that are looking to accelerate their cause based projects and campaigns through better digital strategy & engagement.

Consulting Services

Campaign Strategy

We help you define a strong execution strategy which includes a plan for branding, content, communications, digital engagement, public relations and government relations

Digital Engagement

Whether its creating a website for your cause, a viral social media campaign, or running an online petition, our technology savvy team will help you carefully craft your digital presence


We know how important messaging can be. Our experienced policy consultants invest time in getting to know your problem space so that your key messages can be pulled out and elevated

Content Creation

Need a set of ads or an article that can be easily understood by potential donors? Our marketing savvy team can help you come up with the right set of assets to drive your campaign

About Us


We want to help raise your cause to bigger platform. Digital channels are changing the playing field for how messages spread and grow. We want to leverage these tools to take your cause to the next level


We want to align our incentives to yours. We believe that the best work comes out when the goals and metrics of success are the same between partners. We price ourselves to be successful when you are successful


We work iteratively and use data to make decisions. We use data informed decision making at every step of way so that we're making the best of listening to the signals we receive

Meet Our Team

Join our team and enjoy the ride!

Yash Paliwal
CEO Founder

Richa Parikh
COO/CPO Founder

Jamal Baksh
Policy & Strategy

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