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PublicSquare analyzes your existing network to help you find new people to target for engagement and fundraising.

A collection of carefully crafted offerings to grow your presence

CRM & Social Accounts Scan

Pixel perfect & expertly crafted to meet standards.

New Leads

Showcase your site on all devices with confidence.

Connect with High Leverage Influencers

We love what we do & who we do it for.

New Features

If you want to join the effort and help with the early product, please let us know.

Meet Our Team

We’ve put together a team of some of the best technologists, digital marketing experts and policy consultants. Our incredible team comes with great experience from companies like Tesla, Wealthsimple, Deloitte, Northern Block, Prosper Canada, and the Government of Ontario.

Yash Paliwal
CEO Founder

Richa Parikh
COO/CPO Founder

Jamal Baksh
Policy & Strategy

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