Empoweringsocial change.

Products and services for modern cause based organizations and advocates.

PublicSquare exists to support

social change makers.



the norms and practices in the domain of social change


access to funding  and related impact tracking for social causes


operational inefficiency & bureaucracy


micro-donors & individual supporters to social causes they care about

Products and Services

Marketing Consulting

From organic social media strategy to paid advertising campaigns, to general design and copy support, we can help with your entire modern marketing workflow. We’ve run many marketing campaigns and use our learnings from these campaigns and the PublicSquare playbook to ensure a smooth process and the greatest returns on investment.

Strategy Consulting

Among the 8+ key functions of a cause based organization (as identified by our research here), it can be hard to understand which ones to focus on and when. We provide an extra set of brains to help take stock of the challenges & opportunities ahead of your organization, and help you assess the right projects, strategies to prioritize to achieve your short term and long-term goals.

Technology Consulting

Let’s face it, information technology is moving at a million miles a minute, and chances are there are many inefficiencies in your organization and workflow. Many of these inefficiencies can probably be solved by finding & using the right digital tools and methods at our disposal. This is where we come in.


In 2020, online giving went up by 86% in Canada (and similarly in most parts of the world). But it’s not enough to reach our supporters online, initiatives need to figure out how to engage their supporters more deeply to build greater loyalty. DonorPlay helps you delight your supporters and generate more donations via a gaming based approach.
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About Us

PublicSquare was founded under the assmption that our systems for creating social change lag far behind in their utilization of technology,

We are a social innovation lab, providing consulting services and products to non-profit/advocacy orgs. Our emphasis is on using technology, effective story telling and modern innovation thinking deliberately to help accelerate positive socio-economic outcomes.

We are a team of social change makers with skills and experience at the intersection of policy, marketing, technology and social strategy. We have and continue to work with non-profit organizations, budding causes, elected officials and more in the advocacy/social-change sector. Along with delivering consulting services around technology, marketing and strategy, we're also developing a platform and community to exponentially improve support for social change makers.

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